Facial rejuvenation

applying face cream

Facial skin care is a complex and systematic process. In order not to sound the alarm due to deep wrinkles at the age of forty, this should be taken care of in advance. Moreover, with the right approach, this procedure will not take you much money and time. It is quite possible to use traditional medicine that will not take you long.

But before moving on to the tools that will help rejuvenate facial skin, it is necessary to describe the rules for their use:

  1. All mask ingredients should only be used fresh.
  2. Ready-made masks should be applied within the first three hours after preparation.
  3. Before applying the mask, you should thoroughly cleanse the facial skin.
  4. Folk remedies should be prepared in a glass or wooden container.

Agree, there are no particular difficulties in these rules. All the ingredients for effective masks are in your fridge, so they will be available to everyone.

Recipes for masks for facial rejuvenation

  1. Sour cream mask. The more oily the sour cream, the better the effect on the facial skin. Yogurt must first be removed from the refrigerator in order to reach room temperature. After that, apply on face for 20-40 minutes. Then, with a cotton swab dipped in milk, you should wash the mask. Vitamins and lactic acids, which are in sour cream, saturate the skin with all the necessary elements to prevent skin aging.
  2. Honey mask with aloe. For this mask, first of all, it is necessary to prepare aloe leaves, which should be refrigerated for two weeks. After that, mix aloe juice with honey 1: 1, apply the mask on face for 15 minutes. After that, wash with chamomile decoction.
  3. Mask with cucumber. The most popular mask among the population. All that is needed for the mask is to apply cucumber slices on the skin of the face for 15 minutes. This is a great option for a mask in the morning and in the evening, cucumber tones the skin, which will help avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

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